My Name is Sean Merriman, and as I am sure you probably already know I am GeorgeBushPimps. As well as a few other characters on YouTube. Some people get confused as to what exactly GeorgeBushPimps stands for and the answer is actually very simple, pissing off, Liars who profit from their lies, and shelter themselves from the righteous backlash of criticism and dissent. 

If at any time you feel offended by the gratuitous use of racial slurs, homoerotic insults, curse words that makes gods anus swell shut trapping the logs of purity within his rotten intestines, (Which means Im keeping God from shitting all over you so show some fucking gratitude!!!) Please click this link and scroll down very slowly

If theres a live hangout and you wanna Join this would be the place you want to click, CLIK MEHS NAO AND FEELZ TEH AWESOMENESS OF DA KITTEH POWAS!!

Welcome to the world of a very sick mind, Welcome to Dark Comedy in action

The World of George Bush Pimps

Player Name: GeorgeBushPimps

Start Date: 08/15/2009

Rank: Troll God

Level: Cervix Ripper

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